Places to Discuss Ultimate?

I’m planning on offering some more AUDL focused content as soon as I can view the games from this weekend.   My real ultimate commitments kept me from watching the games live, as I was playing on both Saturday and Sunday during gametime.  I’m trying to play club mixed this season, and my largely broken and battered body is resisting, so I’ve got a lot of weekend training and practice that I need.

Since I haven’t been able to catch the games and write, I have been spending a lot of time traversing the web in search of intelligent discussion about ultimate.  I have found a few isolated articles that are solid (and I’m considering reblogging a few).  There are also a couple really neat blogs, but I haven’t found many spaces that attract more than a few active members. 

I thought I might turn here for advice or suggestions.  Has anyone found a great place to discuss ultimate on the web?  Is there a secret handshake I need to learn first?  Will cookies be served at the meetings?  Since I’m already throwing a shout out to anyone who might be reading this, please feel free to request specific topics you’d like me to write about.  If the topic seems cool, I’ll try to tackle it.    


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