Expanding Blog Articles

I’ve been writing pretty exclusively about the AUDL for a bit longer than the past month.  I plan to keep that up throughout the season, as there really isn’t a lot of other in depth analysis of the league on the web, which is a shame. 

I did want to give you a heads up that I plan to expand my writing focus a bit.  In particular, I’d like to talk a bit about club ultimate.  As I am trying out for/possibly playing with a competitive mixed team this year, I’d like to share my perspective on that as well as some of my insights and stories. 

I plan to keep it all related to ultimate, and I’m likely to spend quite a bit of time still writing about the AUDL, but I wanted to give everyone a heads up. I’m also looking at this as an opportunity for you to let me know a bit more about what you’d like to read.  Throw a suggestion or two out, and it is pretty likely I’ll take you up on it.  


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